Go Cupcake Crazy!
How fun would it be to reserve the entire Cupcake Truck and its delicious contents for a special occasion?  We will bring the Cupcake Truck to your event and hand out a pre-arranged number of cupcakes for your office event, school affair, team tailgate, graduation/birthday party, golf tournament, church festival, store opening, art fair, country club gala, community celebration… the possibilities are endless.   A festive atmosphere, great party music (the Cupcake Truck has a rockin’ sound system with built-in external speakers - your playlist or ours!), of course scrumptious cupcakes in a variety of flavors, and a good time will be had by all!

Want the Cupcake Truck to stop at your office building, school, sporting event or community occasion?

Let us know the details and we will do our best to bring Go Cupcake to you!