Let Go Cupcake party with you! Here are just a few ideas:

Office Parties
Only the best bosses have Go Cupcake office parties. Improved morale and productivity assured! Have your office party planning committee contact Go Cupcake, and we will deliver trays of sweet, scrumptious cupcakes to your office. Or come outside to be served right from the Cupcake Truck. Savor the cupcake break!

Birthday Parties
Want the Cupcake Truck to pull up to your child’s birthday party? With a minimum order of 3 dozen cupcakes, we will arrive to serve a festive dessert. Also available: cupcake games, cupcake decorating, even a cupcake piñata if you like! For older kid birthdays, how about having the Cupcake Truck pull up at the end of a soccer (or whatever!) practice as a treat for the entire team. Use your imagination to make a birthday extra special with cupcakes!

Go Girlfriend Parties
Girlfriends of all ages will enjoy learning to make Cake Balls! Cake Balls are old-fashioned southern treats that are now in vogue with “foodies” everywhere. The Cupcake Truck will pull up to your house, unload supplies, and set up around your kitchen table, where we will together create a variety of Cake Balls for your enjoyment. This party is fun for all, from pre-teens to seniors. Schedule a Go Girlfriend Party for Birthdays, Showers, Book Clubs, or for no particular reason at all. It’s good for girlfriends to get together! Send your guests home with Cake Balls to share with their family & friends.

Party limited to twelve participants. Cost: $300 (Tip: Ask your girlfriends to each contribute $25 to make the party more affordable.)

Celebrate your special day with cupcakes. Economical and easy to serve, cupcakes are quickly catching on as a fun alternative to a traditional wedding cake.

For a simple yet elegant display, call Jenny at Go Cupcake, 937-416-0653 to discuss your personal style.

Decorate with Cupcakes
Cupcakes can add panache to any occasion! Whether you are going for a sophisticated look or for pure whimsy, decorating with cupcakes can set the mood for your special event. Go Cupcake can provide cupcake centerpieces for luncheons, dinners, or banquets. If your event is more of a buffet, picnic, or informal party, consider utilizing a Go Cupcake cupcake tower for a smart contemporary look. Have other ideas? Let us work with you to place our cupcakes in a manner that creates the atmosphere you are seeking. Minimum orders may apply.